Hasan Al-Banna : Figur and Founder of Ikhwanul Muslimin


Born in the Village Buhairah area of Mahmudiyah, Egypt 1906 years, since the small Al-Banna has been showing signs of brilliance brain. At the age of 12 years, Hasan has been a small mug, half fill the Qur’an. Father, Sheikh Ahmad al-Banna of Jurisprudence and Hadith scholars, in order to continue to memotivasinya complete hafalannya. Since then he mendisiplinkan activities into four phases; day be used to learn in school, and learn to create and improve the day with her parents until the afternoon, evening up to the bed to repeat the use of school lessons, while reading the Qur’an and repeat the recitation of prayer he did finish Shubuh. So no surprise when Al-Banna print many brilliant achievements in the future. At the age of 14 years old Hasan Al-Banna was memorize the entire Qur’an.

Al-Banna graduated from school with a citation in the school and the fifth best in all of Egypt. At the age of 16 years, he has been a student at Darul Ulum University of Cairo. In addition to academic achievement in the field, he also has a brilliant talent, leadership. Since the young Hasan Al-Banna is always chosen to be the head of the student organization at the school. At the age of 21 years, Al-Banna completed studies at Darul Ulum and appointed a teacher in Isma’iliyah.

Al-Banna is concerned with the British colony of behavior enslave his people. The period is a period in which Muslims are a great shock. Kekhalifahan Utsmaniyah (in Turkey), as pengayom Muslims around the world to collapse. Muslims experienced confusion. While the colonists coquet wishes with the Islamic world. Even in Turkey itself, Kemal Attaturk suppress the teachings of Islam in the country. One of the causes of the decadence of Islam is that the people of this foolish teachings of Islam.

So the fact that Al-Banna move real, especially in the field of propaganda. Dakwah Al-Banna began with a group of lay people. He then berdakwah in the coffee shop-keeper. This is the regular two weeks. Not vain, dakwahnya get a wide response among the Muslims of Egypt. The Muslims from the labor / farmers, business, scientists, scholars, doctors dakwahnya support.

Berdakwah time, he prefers the “O mankind”-which refers to all people regardless of differences in race, nationality, religion-even rather than call with the words “O Arab nation”, or “O Muslims.” Rely on universal values, the problem of distance is no longer a constraint. Kecintaannya on the universal values of humanism and its commitment to encourage Ukhuwah Islamiyah Hasan Al-Banna founded the Committee for Solidarity Independence India. He himself became the head. When freedom of the air successfully dihirup nations of Indonesia, Indonesia is also a number of prominent bersilaturahmi the love received the support of Al-Banna and Ikhwanul Muslims (IM), the organization that built the movement. They, among others, H Agus Salim, Syahrir, Pamoentjak Nazir, Dr HM Rasyidi, M and Zein Hassan, to meet Al-Banna Hasan in Cairo.

Ikhwanul Muslims
Football lunge Al-Banna started since he became a conscientious kid. At the age of 12 years, he joined the ‘Society for the Moral behavior’. This shows, he was interested in religious issues since early age. Up to peak, in the year 1928, Al-Banna founded the IM. In the 1932 Hasan Al-Banna moved to Cairo. Together, she also gerakannya move from Isma’iliyah to Cairo. To menyosialisasikan thought and movement dakwah IM, in 1352 H/1933 M Al-Banna published a weekly magazine Ikhwan led by Muhibuddin preacher (1303-1389 H/1886-1969 M). Then the year 1357 H/1938 M terbit magazine Al-Nadzir, and subsequent Al-Syihab year 1367 H/1947 M.

At the beginning of the establishment, IM has only 100 people chosen directly by al-Banna. Until finally growing, both membership and charity efforts. In fact, IM is also growing outside of Egypt, as in Jordan and Syria, and Sudan. In the field of charity efforts, many of the same movement with the Muhammadiyah in Indonesia. They manage the social charities, such as orphanages, hospitals, education, and trade. The kadernya now many professional organizations such as the unity of Egypt journalists, medical organizations and organizational unity lawyers, and trade. Perpolitikan on stage, in the IM 1948 to take part in the Palestine war. They entered the war in particular.

In connection with the thought and vision, the IM does not own perspective irrespective of how the founders. Understanding of the IM are universal Islam, does not recognize the separation between one aspect with other aspects. Relation to the propaganda, Sheikh Hasan Al-Banna said, “Ikhwan Movement is dakwah salafiyyah, thariqah sunniyyah, haqiqah shufiyyah, political institutions, sports clubs, cultural and scientific institutions, and economic organization of social thought.”

Al-Banna said, is characteristic of the IM: Far from the source of discord, far from the influence of riya and hubris, far from political parties and political institutions, and gradually kaderisasi attention in stride, the more productive aspects amaliyah aspects of propaganda and publicity, give very serious attention to the youth, and quickly spread in the villages and in cities.

As the propaganda berkarakter rabbaniyyah-called men who evade, oppose, against tirani materialism, and believe in God again, and always feel in control of his firm, Al-Banna, the IM also has a propaganda insaniyyah characters, which invite to brotherhood among humans and make them try. This is because the propaganda is Islamiyah, and Islam is for mankind (rahmatan lil ‘alamin), not to a particular group.

While the ideology, IM dakwah salafiyyah many adopt a motion dakwahnya. He emphasized the importance of research and discussion of the importance of the proposition and return to the Qur’an and As-Sunnah and to clean them from all forms of idolatry nation to achieve perfection. Dakwah much influenced by the Ikhwan Sheikh Abdulwahhab, and Rasyid Sanusiyyah Ridha. In general, propaganda is a continuation of the Madrasah Ibn Taimiyyah (died 702 H/1328 M), which is also a continuation of Madrasah Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. IM is a mysticism as a means of education and improvement of the soul as been done by experts of the mysticism akidahnya far from the truth, and all forms of bid’ah, superstition, self-mocking and negative nature.

However, the road that ditempuhnya not be the semulus. Inbreak slander as if the steps foot Al-Banna. On a when, as he was accused of opposing the communist country. Other opportunities, a petition of a citizen he said with a discriminatory make treatment of the students are Muslim and Christian. Uniquely, the defense would come from the Christians themselves.

A set of Christian religious leaders also came pastor led the church Orthodoks Isma’iliyah the petition is refused. One of the defense to do this is the Chairman of the Association of the Church, Jirjis Sorial Afandi.
At around 1930-an, Al-Banna moved to Cairo to teach. After 1938, the IM activity began to chop politics. They strive to realize the Islamic world and the net decline sekulerisasi and westernisasi. When World War II flame, IM growing rapidly and become key elements in the map of Egypt. This group is to attract students, civil servants, workers of the city, and many others.

No wonder then if the Ikhwan represented in every social strata Egypt. Many members of the IM who rate the government of Egypt has been on the sell out the interests of Egyptian nationalism itself. For the repair, al-Banna tried a tactical cooperation with the government. Unfortunately he and his followers late to be a “threat” for the central government. The activists began the IM overt pressure and get the hack any more downpours defamation, including to the Hasan Al-Banna. Figures they ditangkapi, until finally in 1949, Al-Banna killed by mysterious shooter who is believed by many as the shooter ‘titipan’pemerintah. Two papers monumentalnya the diwariskannya, among Muzdakkiraat Ad-wa Dakwah Da’iyyah (Note Daily Dakwah and Dai), and Majmu’ah Rasail (Collection E-Mail).


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