So stop be a Glass


A visit to a Sufi teacher when students face
This latter always looks glum.

“Why do you always morose, kid? Not many things in the beautiful
this world? Where leave face your grateful? “The teacher said.

“Teacher, lately my life full of problems. It’s hard for me to
smiling. The problem comes as there is no timeless, “answered the
young students.
The Teacher laugh. “Kid, take a glass of water and two hold the salt.
Bring here. Let your heart fix the atmosphere. ”
The students also go slow without enthusiasm. He conducted the request
the teacher, then come back and take a glass of salt as

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Hasan Al-Banna : Figur and Founder of Ikhwanul Muslimin


Born in the Village Buhairah area of Mahmudiyah, Egypt 1906 years, since the small Al-Banna has been showing signs of brilliance brain. At the age of 12 years, Hasan has been a small mug, half fill the Qur’an. Father, Sheikh Ahmad al-Banna of Jurisprudence and Hadith scholars, in order to continue to memotivasinya complete hafalannya. Since then he mendisiplinkan activities into four phases; day be used to learn in school, and learn to create and improve the day with her parents until the afternoon, evening up to the bed to repeat the use of school lessons, while reading the Qur’an and repeat the recitation of prayer he did finish Shubuh. So no surprise when Al-Banna print many brilliant achievements in the future. At the age of 14 years old Hasan Al-Banna was memorize the entire Qur’an.

Al-Banna graduated from school with a citation in the school and the fifth best in all of Egypt. At the age of 16 years, he has been a student at Darul Ulum University of Cairo. In addition to academic achievement in the field, he also has a brilliant talent, leadership. Since the young Hasan Al-Banna is always chosen to be the head of the student organization at the school. At the age of 21 years, Al-Banna completed studies at Darul Ulum and appointed a teacher in Isma’iliyah.

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Eminency Prayer


Al-Quran says:
[2:43] And establish prayer, pay zakat and ruku’lah with those who ruku ‘

[2:110] And establish prayer and pay zakat. And whatever good you try for yourself, you certainly will get his reward with Allah. Indeed, what ne-Seer of what ye do.

There is a difference between “establishing prayer” with “the prayer”, prayer is not just do the routine rituals of worship is done at the time I ² has been set, but prayer is a requirement as evidence of a Muslim to love his Rabb, for that khusu needed to do in an .

Allah said in Al-Quran:
[107:4] So woe to those who pray,
[107:5] (is) the people who performed shalat from neglect,

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